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    Quite often in the past years I’ve been tempted to start writing  my thoughts about the it-sphere, being them breakthrough ideas, silly information everybody knows except me or simply comments on current trends in this fast paced industry. So far though I was lazy enough to stick with the blog reader role….not anymore

    I chose cloudware to be the code-name for my blog as I really believe in this paradigm of computing – not new in essence but increasingly embraced in the last few years.

    But cloudware is not only about computing so don’t be surprised to find here random thoughts every now and then.

    Join me in this journey, feel free to comment


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    1. October 20, 2010 at 9:31 am

      Welcome to blogosphere. We expect high quality articles about this new IT foundation as I, also believe that the “cloud” will not only reshape the IT operations but also we can already see it used in other fields where cost efficient means resource re-use, sharing, minimal in-house operations and distributing resources to where they can get fastest and best results.

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