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    When working with JIRA I find useful to browse attached issue patches and have the syntax highlighted in my browser.
    As I am too lazy to download the patch and open it locally and what I want to use is just my browser I found a neat chrome extension to does exactly this kind of highlighting: Syntaxtic

    You can install it from chrome web store :
    Chrome Syntaxtic

    Having this installed in your browser, source files are now nicely highlighted directly in your browser.
    Wait! But my JIRA patches are not always having the right extensions (e.g .diff or .patch).
    To overcome this, just append it to patch url, eg:


    Right now the supported languages are:

    Actionscript (.as .actionscript)
    Bash (.sh)
    C++ (.cpp .h .cc)
    C# (.cs)
    C (.c .h)
    Clojure (.clj)
    CSS (.css)
    Diff (.diff .patch)
    Erlang (.erl)
    Groovy (.groovy)
    JavaScript (.js)
    Java (.java)
    JavaFX (.fx)
    Latex (.tex)
    Objective-C (.m, .h)
    Perl (.pl .perl .pm)
    PlainText (.txt)
    PowerShell (.ps1 .ps2)
    Python (.py)
    Ruby (.rb)
    Scala (.scala)
    Sql (.sql)
    VisualBasic (.vb)
    Xcode Project (.pbxproj)

    Happy JIRA browsing!


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