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    Rolling restart replicated services behind an application load balancer

    by  • November 7, 2012 • General • 0 Comments

    Usually following a new release deployment the operation engineer needs to do a rolling restart of the running services. In order to avoid restarting the services at the same time and thus generating an out-of-service window you can use the following cluster command: $ sleep $((10+`HOST=$(hostname -s) bash -c 'echo ${HOST:${#HOST}-1}'`)) $ service my-replicated-service...

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    Why clouds made it and grids did not

    by  • October 23, 2010 • Cloud Computing • 1 Comment

    In 2001 Foster, Kesselman and Tuecke published the “The Anatomy of the Grid” that shortly became the cornerstone for the newly born paradigm of computing. Even at that time, distributed computing was not a completly new model, the cluster computing was there, large laboratories in industry and academia were using parallel computation to solve...

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    Instead of introduction

    by  • October 19, 2010 • General • 1 Comment

    Quite often in the past years I’ve been tempted to start writing  my thoughts about the it-sphere, being them breakthrough ideas, silly information everybody knows except me or simply comments on current trends in this fast paced industry. So far though I was lazy enough to stick with the blog reader role….not anymore I chose cloudware to...

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